Question: How can I change my Gateway's WiFi network?

Sometimes a Gateway is moved to a new location where the WiFi network is different, or in some cases a network router is changed so the network name and/or password are no longer the same. This is how to modify the network.


First, verify that you are logged in. Here's how to do this:

While on this same app settings screen, verify that the bluetooth is switched ON. The switch is below the Account section in a section called "Configuration."

Then, return to the main screen of the app. Scroll down to the Gateway listed there and select that Gateway.

Once on the next screen, select the "configure" option. Your mobile device will then connect directly to the Gateway and you will soon get a list of the wifi networks that are available to it.

Once you select a WiFi network, you can then enter its password and you should be on your way to reconnecting.

If the above process hangs on this for several minutes (e.g. ten minutes), please unplug the Gateway and plug it back in after a few moments, and also restart your mobile device before trying again.

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