Question: How do I configure alerts?

How to set the level for a specific reading and how to turn on alerts?


Alert settings are found on the sensor settings page in the app. To access sensor settings, tap a sensor in the main list and then tap the button in the upper-right corner of the sensor details page.

You'll see two sliders, one for temperature and one for humidity. Each slider has two handles. The area between these two handles is the desired range of conditions. If the "Alert Me" toggle is enabled, you'll be notified whenever conditions leave this zone.

Alerts are sent using notifications, which is the same technology news companies employ to send out breaking news alerts.

Here are a few examples:

Alert above 110°F

Alert below 32°F

Alert over 110f 68e189adddef9c0e97d8e2e382d079ec56b6010a4dc1850db70be19eb348647e Alert below 32f d1e899fd1c3e1030d68d18686fc18fa1587591a3dfc1e022181623c90d18438a

Alert when humidity is below 40% or above 60%

Alert when temperature is below 65°F or above 75°F and when humidity is below 40% or above 60%

Alert humidity 40 60 c27fa00fbe5500925221c86f0f6f7a810d9d77fdd0dca4bec3bdf8b81c2e0db7 Alert t and h 67e3e4b93fa32d50c321748c67a93a2278012feba41fe40c5477dad32a3d754d

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