Question: How do I export my data from the app?

Data can be exported from the app as CSV format, which can be opened in Excel and many other data software platforms.


If you tap a sensor in the "Current Conditions" home screen, you're taken to a screen with details about that sensor. Scroll all the way down below the graphs to the bottom of that screen. There you will find a button that allows you to download all the data as a spreadsheet in CSV format which works with Microsoft Excel and other spreadsheet software.

You'll be able to email the spreadsheet(s) to yourself once it finishes compiling.

Tip: A handful of users have mentioned that the default Windows extraction tool is not working to open the zip files with CSV in them. They've solved it by using 7zip to open the zip file. We're looking into some possible issues on our end. Very sorry for the inconvenience!

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